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Current security solutions in the industrial sphere are becoming increasingly obsolete and vulnerable. It is typical of industrial companies that while the production lines used for production are developed at a continuous pace, little emphasis is placed on security infrastructure. From the point of view of building network infrastructures, VPN-based security services are typically used, but the vulnerability of this solution has been proven due to the 0D error. In contrast, the Industrial Shield product line provides a state-of-the-art Tailor-made solution that can take security infrastructures used in industry to a higher level. From a cybersecurity standpoint, we can provide adequate protection for sensitive data or even software.

Industrial Shield product line

Within the Industrial Shield product family, we distinguish different types of products. Because we are talking about a heterogeneous system, we can assemble different scalable, modularly configurable systems tailored to the needs of the user.

The figure shows the components of products based on different computing units, but these products can be combined due to UPB.

If the user has a specific idea of what kind of hardware they want, we can produce an existing or newly developed module according to their expectations.

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DGSC (Data Gate Secure Core) is a programmable logic unit that can be integrated into various products used for data encryption. A programmable logic unit can be thought of as a general execution system that performs only the task for which it is configured.

This can be a simple computational task, or processing some image, or in our case the sensitive data encryption. Encryption on a programmable logic unit is secure, because its configuration cannot be modified during operation, as in the case of a software based solution.

The DGSM (Data Gate Secure Module) is a programmable logic module that can be placed on our UPB motherboard. This module can be used for various hardware data encryption.

ESC (Encrypted Shield Core) is a computing unit that has encryption hardware. We can say that the ESC data processing and encryption is quite fast. If we were to compare it with DGSC, they differ in that while in programmable logic unit based data encryption we can modify the encryption algorithms, the ESC algorithm is a fixed AES algorithm. ESC advantage over DGSC is that it is much cheaper.

ESM (Encrypted Shield Module) is a module what we can use for software based data encryption. ESM design allows you to expand or even replace the ESM into a more advanced module, if you later need to process more data or add new functionality to your existing system.

UPB (Universal Protected Board) is a hybrid motherboard on which we can place different computing units. These modules can be completely different in hardware and function. On the motherboard there are two computing unit sockets, the user can decide what kind of modules they want to use in terms of functionality.

Computing modules that can be placed on a UPB, can also be scaled in price. Price of the modules depends on what function you will be performing, you can choose a cheaper, simpler, or more expensive module to complete the task.

Universal Protected Board mini ITX design

UPB is a mini ITX compliant motherboard. This makes it possible to place it not only in a server room for Subrack installation, but also in a standalone small mini ITX enclosure that can easily be placed next to an office machine or with a standard VESA suspension on a workstation monitor.

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Protection of production chain management software

Properties of the production chain control software :

  • Data Gate – EdgeIPS system integration
  • Software verification of components before implantation.
  • Use of control software on an encrypted channel.
  • Biometric identification of colleagues before using the software.
  • Prevent the installation of modules that may have spyware, or indicate spyware that has already been installed.
  • Data Gate – EdgeFire network segmentation and segergation

Data Gate – EdgeIPS system provides protection for production chain management software. This security solution is designed to fit into networks without disrupting previously used configurations. Data Gate – EdgeIPS provides visibility and solid cyber protection for legacy systems and not yet installed devices that form the backbone of the production line, ensuring continuous operation.
In addition, the network responsible for the production chain is equipped with a new generation Data Gate – EdgeFire firewall, which ensures network segmentation and segregation by dividing the network into different control zones.
Unfortunately, it is quite common for production lines to be controlled by outdated operating systems and the old vulnerable software running on them. Protecting these systems by taking advantage of “Lockdown” by controlling system resources, limiting access to applications and running them to the minimum necessary for day-to-day operations can greatly prevent malicious programs from intruding and executing without relying on sample files to attack resources.

Industrial remote monitoring camera system

Remote camera system properties:

  • Safe supervision of the entire production process
  • Networked cameras with custom hardware encryption
  • Data Gate – EdgeFire network protection with next generation firewall
  • Use of high-reliability encryption algorithms
  • Custom computing units to match network speed
  • Protect the data recorded by the camera in a secure storage location
  • Biometric identification to unlock the security storage
  • Monitoring the behavior of production line operators

From security point of view, we offer a camera network system with a unique encryption, with which we can ensurethe protection of the production process of HWs in the plant. The use of the system is especially recommended for manufacturing processes, where the customer wants to supervise the production of electronic devices related to data security.

Administrative security solutions

Properties of administrative solutions:

  • Data Gate – EdgeFire network segmentation and segregation
  • Access to workstations with biometric identification
  • Hardware-encrypted data connection between a user and servers
  • Use of high-reliablilty encryption algorithms
  • Storing data on servers in encrepted storage

The secure storage of the data of colleagues doing administrative work is important to us. For this reason, we can create a hardware-encrypted communication channel between workstations and servers that is protected by a new Data Gate-EdgeFire firewall. This firewall allows you to segment and separate your network by dividing your network into different control zones.

Data Gate - Portable Security

The Data Gate – Portable Security Module provides efficient malware scanning and removal for standalone computers and air-gapped systems. This system can be used in both manufacturing workstations and machine control systems during a manufacturing process.

It is a portable device that plugs into the USB port of any Windows or Linux device and can detect and filter out malware without installing any software. Upon completion of the scan, the LEDs indicate whether any malware has been detected, eliminated, or if further investigation is required. During system scanning, Portable Security also collects device information to help improve the visibility of operational technology and remove shadow operational technologies.

The management program allows you to install scan configuration settings on multiple scanning devices, either remotely or physically. In addition, the device module collects and integrates scan logs and device information from multiple scanning devices at multiple locations, providing a holistic view of all endpoints.

These industrial security solutions can be used synergistically, or they can be implemented separately.

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